In the case of a disruption of service for the supporting tools and software required to log in to Kuali Ready using Shibboleth, we have created an alternative means of accessing your system.  

Preparation Instructions

Follow these steps to be prepared to access Kuali Ready if Shibboleth sign on is inoperable.

  • Go to the Admin tab
  • Select Users from the Administration menu
  • Locate an Administrator of your choice
  • Edit that user's account
  • Create a password for that account
  • Click the Save button

Time of Event Instructions

Follow these steps to access your Kuali Ready instance if Shibboleth sign on is inoperable.

  • When you access your system from this back door, you will still see your institutional information. Here is an example from ASU:
  • Log in using your email and pre-set password to gain access to your system. 
  • When you sign out you will receive a notification:
  • Close your browser


  • We suggest you only set passwords for Administrators
  • We suggest you set passwords for a few Administrators
  • You can also have individuals set their own password from the Account Settings menu here:
  • You can test this URL prior to an incident by using the above URL even when service is operable.