What does it do? 

This will automatically change the status of a plan to Due for Review if it has been more than a year past the date it was last marked Current or Complete. 

Where will I see the changes?

The changes will be seen in two places: the Plans page and the Update Plan Status table seen below. Changes made by this feature will be labeled as System Review Reminder in the Manage Plan Status table.

Will I be notified of plan status changes?

You will receive an email each day summarizing the plans that are now considered Due for Review. This email will list each plan that is now in Due for Review status and will also list all the plan managers for each plan. No email will be generated on days with no plans that have switched to Due for Review status. 

This email can be used message individual plan managers or all plan managers. Click on the name of a plan manager to email them directly using your email client. The email is pre-populated with a message stating that their plan is now Due for Review. Send the message as is, or edit it as you like. 

Click on the sentence at the bottom of the email message to email all Plan Managers identified on that message at one time. 

Where do I go to turn this feature on/off?

This feature can be found within the Optional Features section of the System Parameters. If the checkbox is selected you will get plan updates and email notifications associated with those plan status updates. 

How else can I track plan status changes?

If you are interested in tracking plans prior to them coming due for review, you can use the Reports feature. There is a report called Plan Count by Due for Review. You can use this report to look at plans that are coming up for review or are overdue for review. Plans are organized into buckets called Due for Review Status. If you have no plans in a bucket, that bucket will not display on the report. 

If you want to know the names of all plans within a bucket, click on a bar and select Drillthrough. Then you will see the details of the plans that fall within that bucket. You can export that list with all the associated details.