This checklist provides a structure for your annual review. The checklist is for your own use, not for submission.


Action Item Summary Screen

  • Will these action items increase your readiness?

  • Is the current status of each action item accurate?

  • Should any action items be added?

  • Are there irrelevant or obsolete action items that should be archived?

Plan Access and Contacts

  • Do the right people have the appropriate level of access to the plan?

  • Are the Plan Contacts current?

Department Information

  • Is the content on the Department Information screen accurate?

Critical Functions

  • Does your list reflect the most important functions normally performed by your unit?

  • Are the Levels of Criticality correct for each Critical Function?

  • Are the attached documents up-to-date?


Information Technology Section

  • Please ask your IT support person to verify that the Information Technology Section is up-to-date.


Instruction or Faculty Preparedness Section (for instructional units only)

  • Has the section been completed?

  • If you’re using the Instruction section, do you need to update the responses in the All Courses and Department Practices screens?


Key Resources Section

  • Do the names need to be updated on any of these screens?

  • Are the attached documents up-to-date?