Subscribers who’ve started using Ready share that it’s simpler than the US hosted Ready release 4.0.13 and their users have adjusted quickly to the new interface. We’ve simplified processes and reduced the number of clicks between screens. We have updated the navigation to be more user friendly and intuitive. Reports and plans can now be viewed on-screen, and the application is mobile ready and accessible. This document lists the biggest changes. To learn more about how to use the new system, please visit thAdmin Guide.


Continuous Delivery/Deployment

The new technology stack allows us to fix bugs and add enhancements without making you wait for official releases. Bug fixes can be pushed to the production environment immediately. Enhancements that don’t have a major impact on the user experience are added as soon as they’re available. With new features that might need explanation, we will announce the changes before release.

Support Contact Information

Each subscriber institution assigns one primary admin contact who can submit support requests to ready-help@kuali.co. All users can search http://ready-help.kuali.co for answers to support questions and can post to the forums, including product suggestions.


Ready uses a new URL structure. The application uses the base of your official institution URL. You will access Ready at https://yourschool.kuali.co/ready. Replace yourschool with your institution name. 

Login IDs

Ready uses email addresses as login IDs. If you were previously using something other than email address, this will change. If you use the migration tool in Ready, it will use the email address your users have listed in the email field.

Global Navigation

Ready features a simplified global navigation. It no longer includes the Handylinks menu with different links in the drop-down on each screen. The global navigation menu appears at the top of the left hand navigation and includes the same links on each screen. Ready Admins have additional content that general users do not see including the Configuration, Help and Report screens.

Guidance Panels

The Guidance Panels in Ready are no longer customizeable by institution. When we reviewed data on their usage, very few institutions were using them. The ones who did only customized a few screens, and much of those changes were out-of-date. To simplify system administration, we removed that feature. We’ve also been editing Guidance Panel content so it is more generic and applicable to more subscribers. We welcome suggestions for content revisions on the Guidance Panels.

Help Screens

The previous version of Ready featured multiple screens where Admins could provide content to help users during planning. Links to these screens appeared in multiple locations throughout the application. To simplify system administration and improve the experience for users seeking help, we’ve added a Help link to the global navigation bar at the top left of the screen. Ready now features 3 screens where Admins can add content to support users. The Contacts screen is viewable outside the application without logging in. You can also use the FAQ and References pages to provide supporting resources for your users while in the application. All three screens are accessible from the Help link within the global navigation menu on every screen.


Simple icons link to functions throughout the system. You can hover your mouse over an icon to view that icon label.

Drag and drop ordering

Some of the list content can be rearranged to change the order of list items. This content is indicated by an icon with up and down arrows.

Character Limits

We’ve removed the character limits on fields. Previously there were limits that led to cutting off content in plans. This is no longer a problem.


Plans Screen

You no longer have to click through multiple welcome screens to access the Plans screen. It is now the first page you access when you log in. You can get back to it from any screen in the application by clicking either the logo at the top left or the Plans link in the global navigation. The Plans screen now includes a Last Updated column, rather than Last Accessed. Note that users will only see the plans that they personally have access to on the Plans page. Users with no plan access can still create their own plan by selecting the Start a new Plan button. 

Plan View

In the old application you had to generate a PDF in order to view a plan. You can now view plans directly on the screen by selecting the Print PDF icon within the guidance panel on any page within a plan. You will then get an in application view of the plan and you can also print the PDF from that view. 

Plan Navigation

Navigation for individual plans in Ready is all on the left side, rather than across the top, down the left and in Handylinks. The core plan sections are the same as the old version of Ready and in the same order. Based on feedback from users, we’ve removed the numbered steps. Links related to managing the plan are in the top most section (Plan Details), followed by the links to actual plan content. For quick access, the Action Items Summary link has been moved within the Plan Details section of the navigation. The updated navigation has expanding and contracting menus that will consistently highlight your current location within the application. 

Edit and View Modes

All plans now have two modes of presenting content: Edit and View modes. From the Plans page select the view or edit icons to open a plan in that mode. You can switch between modes at any time using the icons within the guidance panel.  

Manage Plan Access

When you create a plan, you’re automatically assigned the Plan Manager role, which replaces the Gatekeeper role in the old system. Plan Managers can use the Manage Plan Access link in the plan navigation to add other users, including additional Plan Managers, to plans. There are three user roles for plans. Plan Managers can view and edit plans and Manage Plan Access. Plan Editors can view and edit plans. Plan Viewers can view plans, but cannot edit them.


Ready allows you to add documents using drag and drop functionality. When you click an uploaded document, it will open in a browser window if the file type doesn’t need to be opened in a separate application.

Mark Plan Complete and Annual Review

Based on feedback from Admins that ‘annual’ didn’t reflect their processes, and the automated status updates and notifications were not accurate, we’ve modified this functionality quite a bit. Rather than provide separate screens to mark plans and annual review complete, we’ve created a Plan Status screen that allows you to select between statuses and add comments with each update. This is the first step toward major improvements that give you more flexibility. You can now add comments to updates and enter names and roles without having to select from system role and name options.


Admin Setup

Admins can access the Admin screens from the Admin menu in the global navigation. The pages have been organized into sections that help admins better understand the purpose of each page. If you’ve disabled a function in System Parameters, you will no longer see the related links in Admin Setup. For example, if you won’t be using Skills and Teams, you won’t see those links in Admin Setup.

User Management

There are 3 user roles in Ready: Admin, User and Viewer. The Moderator role has been removed, because very few institutions used it. User accounts are managed from the Users screen within the Administration section of the Admin menu. If you are using direct authentication with account moderation, you’ll now approve and deny users within the Users screen. You can select between Approved, Awaiting Moderation, and Denied. In the old system you couldn’t view a list of Denied users, and the users requiring moderation were located on a page with a link off the Plans screen.

System Parameters

A few of the System Parameters have changed. The Show Examples of Critical Functions checkbox has been removed, because that feature has been removed. The Show Detail Screens checkbox has been removed because the new navigation includes details screens for all critical functions. A new feature to Add Custom Logo has been added to System Parameters so you can now manage your own logo. 


The Dependencies functionality has been simplified as a first step toward bigger improvements. You now only need to enter dependencies once in Admin Setup, instead of once for upstream and once for downstream. Upstream and downstream designation is managed within the plans.

Data Uploads

On the Admin Setup screens that allow data uploads, .csv is now the accepted format for files, rather than Excel.


Admins can access reports from within the global navigation menu. You no longer have to download reports to view them; they are viewable on-screen. We have added additional data visualizations, filtering and drill down capabilities to reports. We welcome suggestions for content updates and completely new reports. 

Activity Logs

Activity logging has been added to the system as a report accessible to all admins. You can find this report in the Reports link in the global navigation menu under the Plans section. This is the first version of the activity log and it will be enhanced with additional details in the future.