The interview form is designed to support the information gathering process. Continuity Planners describe one-on-one interviews as one of the most important components of successful Continuity Planning Programs. The form includes most of the questions presented in Kuali Ready for the Department Information, Critical Functions, Instruction/Faculty Preparedness and Key Resources sections of plans. Use the interview form as a guide for face-to-face interviews, or as a way to collect information in email, over the phone, or in departmental meetings.


Download the attached Word document and edit and revise it to meet your needs. 


Here are some ways to use the form:

  • Edit the document to include guidance specific to your institution or department.
  • Post it online with other support and training resources.
  • Send it to department heads to generate awareness of the process and information you'll be gathering.
  • Copy relevant pieces of it into email or new documents when you're collecting pieces of info from individuals or departments.
  • Provide it to workshop attendees before sessions to give them an idea of what to expect.
  • Print it and use it as a guide for note taking during interviews where you are unable to enter content directly in Ready.