The Update Plan Status function is designed with flexibility to support the variety of planning processes used by Ready subscribers. The Ready Admin should determine how it will be used, by whom, and the type of information that should be included in comments when changing plan status. The Update Plan Status screen keeps a record of each update. Updates can be deleted up to seven days after they were entered. After that the record becomes permanent.

All plans begin with the status of In Progress. When the plan is complete, the person responsible for the plan should update the plan status to mark it CompleteWhen an existing plan needs to be reviewed as part of a regular review cycle, switch it to Due for ReviewA plan can be changed to In Review status any time it is actively being reviewed. When the plan is done being reviewed, the reviewer can switch it to the Current status. 


Mark Plan Complete

These steps are followed the first time a plan is completed.

  1. Select the Update plan status link in the plan navigation

  2. Select the Update Plan Status button

    1. Enter the name and role of the person certifying the plan as complete.
    2. Select the completion date
    3. Select the Complete status from the pick list
    4. Add any comments that might be relevant to others who may review the plan
    5. Select the Save button

            Start Plan Review

            A plan can be changed to In Review status by anyone with edit access to the plan. Some institutions have department chairs review every plan after completion. Some have a Continuity Planner review the plan. Most have an official review cycle where all plans are reviewed and updated. Setting the status as In Review is a way to signal that something is being reviewed or worked on. Use the Comment field to describe the purpose of changing the status to In Review. When the review is done, return and mark the plan Current.

            1. Select the Update Plan Status button
            2. Enter the name and role of the person starting the review.
            3. Select the date the review period will start
            4. Add any comments that might be relevant to others accessing the plan
            5. Select the In Review or Current status from the pick list
            6. Select the Save button

                  • You can enter anything in the Role field. This can be used for Ready Admins, department heads, accreditors, etc. to sign off on plans.
                  • Use the comments field to clearly describe the purpose of toggling the plan status.
                  • The flexibility allows the Ready Admin to change plans to In Review, or require individual planners to do this. 
                  • Ready Admins can use the FAQ or References Help screens to educator users on policies for official reviews.
                  • The current plan status displays on the Plan listing screen, the Plan Navigation and the Plan Status report run by Ready Admins.