Kuali Ready Admin Newsletter- April 2017

Welcome to the Kuali Ready Admin Newsletter. This newsletter will keep you informed of product updates and community news and events.


Community News


We will be moving our support system from Freshdesk to Zendesk in May. You should have already received an email to confirm a primary contact and provide a secondary. If you have not yet responded, please do so. You will receive a second message with additional details once we are ready to migrate.



Our next webinar will be presented by Laurent (Gunter) Mink of East Carolina University on May 11th. She will be talking about her preparation and response to Hurricane Matthew on ECU's campus. Look for your invitation soon!


Net Promoter Score

We recently sent out a survey to determine a starting point for Ready customer satisfaction. We will be sending this out quarterly going forward. Thanks to all that participated. I greatly appreciate your comments (positive and constructive).

Works in Progress


Research Customer Advisory Group

We are going to form a customer advisory group (CAG) for the creation of a unique section within Ready to address the support of research functions. If you are interested in participating, and you haven't already, please fill out this survey.


Dashboard User Testing

Big thanks to the participants in our dashboard user testing which included:

Suzanne Lord of Georgia TechMackenzie Mitchell of Texas State University
Matthew Hart of Tufts University
Cinda Haff of Indiana University
Matthew Shpiner of the University of Miami
Cindy Mohat of the University of Texas at Arlington
Cathy Gottlieb of Cal State Long Beach
Beverley Wyatt of Ohio UniversityLauren Mink of East Carolina University
Cam Beasley of the University of Texas at Austin

We intend to have these new dashboards for both the Admins and the Users rolled out this quarter. Here is a sneak peek to give you an idea of the features.

Inline image 1  Inline image 2

Product Updates

Schedule/Batch PDF Download

Did you know you could regularly schedule downloads of your plans to be stored in the system? Check out the PDF Batch Schedule feature within the Admin screens. Select your plan(s) and the frequency of the batch to have copies of your plans stored at the interval that meets your needs. 

Inline image 1

We have recently updated the scheduler to batch plans into smaller sized zip files. You can access those files by going to the view downloads link. The Adminstrator's Guide has been updated with additional information for your convenience. 

Inline image 2


Alternative Acess for Shibboleth Users

Have you set up your alternative access yet? You can find all the details here. We recommend that all Shibboleth users read this article and complete the preparation instruction actions in the near future. 



Upcoming Events

DRJ Fall World 2017, September 17-20, Phoenix, AZ

IAEM University and College Caucus, Nov 11-12, Long Beach, CA

Kuali Days, November 14-18, Austin, TX

Becky Higgins

Ready Product Manager

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