Kuali Ready Admin Newsletter- March 2017

Welcome to the Kuali Ready Admin Newsletter. This newsletter will keep you informed of product updates and community news and events.


Community News


We just had a wonderful webinar presented by Matthew Hart of Tufts University. If you missed it you can find the recording here. Also, if you missed previous webinars you can find them in the Resources section of our website here.



Do you use Facebook? We have a Kuali page where you can see our very first Facebook Live video. It shows me and the Marketing team getting ready for the Tufts webinar. Check out our matching outfits and Space Invaders themed room.

Works in Progress


Research Support

Does your campus participate in research? How do you address your continuity needs for those departments/functions? We are beginning some of our own research on supporting that need for your schools. If you are interested in this feature, please fill out this short survey and I will be in touch with you.

Product Updates


User Attributes

If you are using Shibboleth to authenticate, you now have the ability to bring in Title and Department from your system of record. Just like the other Shibboleth attributes, this will allow you to extract that information from your system of record and have it automatically update each time a user logs in to Ready. We will also allow you to choose to manually edit optional fields whether or not they are stored in your system of record. To learn more about this feature, please read this article specifically noting Step 3. 



Alternative Acess for Shibboleth Users

In the case of a disruption of service for the supporting tools and software required to log in to Kuali Ready using Shibboleth, we have created an alternative means of accessing your system. You can find all the details here. We recommend that all Shibboleth users read this article and complete the preparation instruction actions in the near future. 


Deletion Alerts

If you attempt to delete an item from the required and optional configuration pick lists, the system will tell you it is in use. No longer! Now, when you attempt to delete an item from one of these lists, the system will tell you which plans are currently using that item. The updated alert message looks like this:




Upcoming Events

DRJ Spring World, March 26-29, Orlando, FL

Campus Down- A College / University IT Failure Tabletop Exercise, April 13, 2017

Kuali Days, November, Austin, TX


As always, to submit product suggestions use the Kuali Ready Help Forum here. To submit support requests, please contact ready-help@kuali.co.

Becky Higgins

Ready Product Manager

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