Kuali Ready Admin Newsletter- December 2016

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Community News

We are officially a single community on ONE product. In other words, the migrations are complete! Many thanks to all of you who worked to make this happen at your institution.

Product Updates


Plan Copy Feature

Long awaited and much anticipated, the copy plan feature is now back! You can find it next to each plan on the Plans page between the edit and delete icons. Only Admins and Plan Managers have the ability to copy a plan. If a Plan Manager copies a plan, they become the Plan Manager on the copied plan. 

Automated Plan Status

We now have a new optional feature that allows you have automated plan status updates. If set to ON, this will do the following:

  • Update the plan status to Due for Review for any plan that is 365 days or more past the date it was last marked Complete or Current
  • Generate an email to Admins to provide a roll-up for all plans that are now in Due for Review status. This email will allow you to message all plan managers regarding this status change.

All sites will be set to have this feature automatically turned ON during the first week of January. If you do not wish to have it on, please update your System Parameters. You can find the documentation for this feature here.


Regardless of this new plan status feature, you can always use the Reports to track the status of plans and their review cycle. Check out the new Plan Count by Due for Review report found in the Plans section of Reports. Here you can see the number of plans that are in each time "bucket." You will only see the buckets that you have data for in your system. For example, you will only see 120-240 Days Past Due if you have plans that meet those criteria.

Note: You can get the names for all plans within each bucket by clicking on that bucket and selecting Drillthrough.

Improved User Moderation Emails

If you are using direct authentication, we have updated the notifications that go to Admins when a user is awaiting moderation. Our new message looks like this:


From here you are able to see the name of the person who is requesting access and you can also click on the link to approve them directly from the email message. If you click on the "approve user" link, you will be taken to the system and you will get this notification that the person was successfully moderated.

As always, to submit product suggestions use the Kuali Ready Help Forum here. To submit support requests, please contact ready-help@kuali.co.


Becky Higgins

Ready Product Manager

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