Kuali Ready Admin Newsletter- June 2016

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Community News
Our latest webinar "Academic Adversity - An Active Shooter Consequence Management Tabletop Exercise" by Chris Floyd of Disaster Resilient Communities was a huge success. We had 102 registrants from 90 institutions represented. If you missed out on this great talk you can find the slides and additional resources here. 

Please let me know if there are topics you are interested in hearing about or if YOU would like to share your knowledge with the community. 

Product Updates

New PDF generator and layout enhancements: The new PDF generator allowed us to enhance the PDF presentation to include tables and guiding lines for clarity and to fix minor errors in font size, spacing, text wrapping and page breaks. 

Role based view of plans: System users are now only able to see the plans that THEY have access to. This addresses privacy concerns some institutions have shared. If a user has access to NO plans they will see this page:

Here is a recap of the roles just FYI:

system viewers see the content of all plans but cannot edit themsystem admins see the content of all plans and can edit themsystem users only see plans they have access to but can create their own plans. Within a plan they can have one of the following roles:plan manager: created the plan, can add other managers, can edit the planplan editor: can edit the planplan viewer: can view the planAwaiting moderation status (direct authentication, full moderation only): If a user has requested an account and has successfully signed in but their account has not yet been moderated, they will see this updated screen. This will help users know that they need to wait for admin approval before working in the system. Patience is a virtue. 

Confirm account (direct authentication): When an admin creates a user account, the user is notified via email. That email link will now go to this updated page. This will help maintain clarity between users requesting access and users with access requested by the administrator. 

Works in Progress

Design Updates: We plan to have all design updates completed, documented and released by July 5. At that point I will be requesting that all users migrate from the legacy Ready system to Ready 2015. I will provide an updated video on the migration process and supporting materials to make this transition as smooth as possible. I look forward to bringing the community together on a single platform and I continue to be grateful for those trailblazers already in the new system.

Upcoming Events

URMIA Annual Conference, September 17-21, San Diego, CA

IAEM Universities & Colleges Caucus Symposium, October 15-16, Savannah, GA

Kuali Days 2016, November 14-17, San Diego, CA

End Notes

I learn so much from the conversations I have with this community. Don't hesitate to reach out to me as I am here to help you. To submit product suggestions use the Kuali Ready Help Forum here. To submit support requests, please contact ready-help@kuali.co.

Thank you!

Becky Higgins

Ready Product Manager

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