Kuali Ready Admin Newsletter- April 2016

Welcome to the Kuali Ready Admin Newsletter. This newsletter will keep you informed of product updates and community news and events.

Community News

Save the date! Kuali Days 2016 has been announced. The event will take place in San Diego, CA, during the week of November 14th. I am looking for 1-2 people who are willing to co-chair the Ready track with me this year. You would be reviewing session proposals and making recommendations about themes and generally helping to make this year a huge success. I have a few interested people but no commitments yet. Please email me at bhiggins@kuali.co if you are interested.

Product Updates

The Migration Tool is currently off for all users. We have received, reviewed and prioritized responses from many of you regarding your migration experience (Shout out to Donna Singer of Ramapo College of New Jersey for sharing her detailed notes.). We are diligently working to resolve critical issues and make the migration process as stable as possible going forward. Right now I don't have a firm date as to when we will turn on migration capabilities again. If you have additional questions, please contact ready-help@kuali.co and let me know how I can help.

Works in Progress

Part of the reason we are holding off on turning on the migration tool is to complete some design updates for the product. We want to solve two problems:

making the navigation as clear and intuitive as possiblehow to preview information (edit vs. view modes)

If you are interested in participating in user testing of design, click here to sign up for an open time using Doodle. Type in your full name and select the timeframe that works for you. I will send you additional details for your specific meeting once you sign up.


Upcoming Events

URMIA Annual Conference, September 17-21, San Diego, CA

IAEM Universities & Colleges Caucus Symposium, October 15-16, Savannah, GA

Kuali Days 2016, November 14-18, San Diego, CA

Do you have an event that needs sponsorship? We are interested in sponsoring events that support the interests and professional development activities of our subscribers. Contact bhiggins@kuali.co if you have event suggestions.


Do you want a webinar? Are there topics you are interested in learning more about? Please email me at bhiggins@kuali.co with your ideas or if you are interested in sharing your experiences with others. Let's help this community grow in knowledge!

End Notes

I have been calling around and introducing myself to many of you. Thank you for taking the time to speak with me and share your experiences. This helps me get up to speed with your needs and the community at large. I'm always open to feedback and suggestions and I look forward to learning from you and carrying the torch that Jen Dalby has passed to me.


To submit product suggestions use the Kuali Ready Help Forum here. To submit support requests, please contact ready-help@kuali.co.

Thank you!

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