Ready Camp @ Kuali Days

Dear Kuali Ready Admins,

Suddenly we're hearing you'd like to join us in Austin next month for Kuali Days. We've added a special two-day Ready Camp to the Kuali Days program, with sessions created based on feedback we've heard from you. Please join us, and bring your colleagues. We're also inviting institutions currently evaluating Kuali Ready, and we know they'd love to learn from your experiences.

Ready Camp @ Kuali Days


Who: You! But this is also appropriate for users who will be training other users, folks involved in your continuity planning committees, anyone helping plan and coordinate rolling out continuity planning initiatives, and leaders who are trying to figure out what this is all about.

When: November 11th and 12th, 2015

Where: Hilton Austin - Austin, TX

How: Register before October 17th to get the early registration discount.

Ready Camp* @ Kuali Days is a Kuali Ready learning experience embedded within the annual Kuali Days conference, which brings together hundreds of members of the Kuali community from all product lines. The Camp theme is designed to inspire a collaborative spirit and serve as a metaphor for the session progression. Sessions are interactive and conversational, so forget about lectures and exams for a few days.

Ready Camp sessions are scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday, November 11th and 12th. All sessions are loosely structured with opportunities for community members to lead and participate according to their level of comfort and experience.  Share your experiences, stories and frustrations with colleagues in a casual and welcoming environment. Bring a laptop for hands-on exploration.

*Clean camping attire welcome. No actual camping will occur**.

**Unless you’re traveling through ORD during a blizzard.

Ready Camp Kickoff - This session introduces participants to the Ready Camp theme and format of sessions. We’ll review the schedule and discuss leadership and participation options that give each Ready Camp attendee the opportunity to engage at their comfort and experience level. We’ll share and discuss maturity levels of our campus continuity planning programs and the level of adoption of Kuali Ready at each institution to help guide conversations throughout the sessions.

Key Learning Objectives:

Participants will learn multiple ways they can engage in conference sessions to achieve personal learning objectives.

Participants will identify the degree of Ready adoption progress they’d like to make in the next year and what is needed to ensure success.

Packing for the Trail: Support and Training Resources for Successful Ready Adoption- In order to successfully implement Ready, every institution needs a collection of support and training materials. Generic vendor-created materials are helpful, but many institutions have developed incredible resources that would benefit others in the Ready community. Working together as a community, with support from the Kuali Ready team, we’ll identify and prioritize resources we can create, revise, remix and share to help reduce the production burden for all institutions.

Key Learning Objectives:

Participants will learn how to access and use current vendor-created resources.

Participants will view exemplary resources created by members of the the community.

Participants will identify gaps in training and support resources and work with the Ready product team to plan collaborative production of needed resources and materials.

Campfire Stories: User Stories That Lead to Product Enhancements - The Ready product team is guided by the mission to, ‘Simplify the Continuity Planning process in higher education.’ To accomplish this mission, the team depends on feedback from the user community. In this session we’ll discuss the role of user stories in product development. Participants will share stories that will be collected by the Ready product team to help build the product roadmap.

Key Learning Objectives:

Participants will learn how their shared experiences influence product development.

Participants will discover techniques for communicating stories the product team can turn into valued product features.

Participants will share stories with the product team and get feedback on how those stories might influence the product roadmap.

Follow the Leader: Ready Admin Tips and Tricks - As the Ready Admin for your institution, a lot of people are counting on you to simplify the process of creating continuity plans. In this session we’ll demonstrate key Kuali Ready Admin functions and discuss strategies for system configuration  and implementation that can help you efficiently lead your continuity planning program.

Key Learning Objectives:

Participants will learn the key components of Kuali Ready Admin functionality.

Participants will learn tips and tricks peers have used to simplify the planning process and increase adoption.

Navigating the Deep Forest: Tips for Simplifying the User Experience  - For an experienced continuity planner, the questions in Kuali Ready seem straightforward. But sometimes when you review a departmental plan, you have to wonder where the heck they came up with those answers! This session will provide an end-user perspective on plan sections that are easily misunderstood. You’ll learn strategies for addressing the pitfalls before they occur, so your users provide consistent information and your annual reviews become a little less painful.

Key Learning Objectives:

Participants will explore Kuali Ready functions from an end-user perspective.

Participants will discover plan sections that can be misunderstood by inexperienced end-users.

Participants will learn strategies to simplify the process for end-users.

Kuali Experience Center Field Trip - We’re leaving the trail for a field trip to the Kuali Experience Center. Join the group, or drop in at your convenience to discover how Kuali prioritizes design and user experience for all our products. You’ll see examples of design elements in other products that may be incorporated into Kuali Ready to improve the user experience.

Key Learning Objectives:

Participants will learn about Kuali product design strategies and tools.

Participants will provide feedback to the Kuali user experience team.

Blazing New Trails: Building the Roadmap Together -  The future of Kuali Ready depends on feedback and stories from the user community. In this session we’ll use what we’ve discovered during Ready Camp to collaboratively identify important product enhancements we would like to develop over the next year. We’ll also make plans to engage members of the community who were unable to attend, to ensure their voices are heard and their feedback is valued.

Key Learning Objectives:

Participants will identify important product enhancements to add to the roadmap for the next year.

Participants will make plans to engage the broader community and seek their input on the product roadmap.

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