Last Friday - A Kuali Ready Admin Newsletter - August 2015


Last Friday - A Kuali Ready Admin Newsletter

August 2015

Welcome to Last Friday, a Kuali Ready Admin Newsletter. The newsletter will keep you informed of product updates and community news and events.

Community News

We’ve noticed several institutions have new team members, and some community members have moved to new institutions over the summer. If you’d like us to add people to the admin list, or remove folks who are no longer in your organization, please let us know.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out the new Help Portal, please stop by and explore. We’d love your participation in the forums. Here’s a quick tour of the portal site that explains the different sections. We’ve recently updated the status on many of the product suggestions. We encourage you to add your stories and use-cases to the suggestions to help us prioritize development of enhancements.

Product Updates

This month we’ve completed several bug fixes and enhancements in Kuali Ready 2015. In addition, we started transitioning to a new AWS hosting environment that will allow us to more easily migrate content from the old version of Ready and will also provide each institution with a staging environment, where you can play with Ready 2015 without messing with ‘Production’ data. We’ll update you on the staging environment as it gets closer to release.

Right now we’re working on the Action Items Summary screen, as well as polishing off the migration tool that will be used by institutions transferring content from the old version of Ready to Ready 2015. Please see the Events section of this newsletter for important information about a webinar demonstrating this function on 9/15.

Admin Tips

Here are just a few helpful tips for Ready Admins.

If you have questions about the migration tool or process, please check out and contribute to the Q&A forum on the Help Portal.

Kuali Ready 2015 is a completely separate application from the old version. The migration tool will create a copy of your data from the old version and then pull it all into Ready 2015. Nothing will be touched in the old version, so you’ll still be able to access your content there once you’ve migrated. We recommend you switch the access to ‘Admin Only’ just prior to migration, so people don’t make changes in the old application.

If you’re migrating, your user accounts will be copied over from the old system into Ready 2015 and will be attached to the same plans as they were in the old system. User ID in the new system is your email address. Admins will want to make sure the email address field is complete and accurate for users prior to migration.

Works in Progress

We’re going to be meeting with members of the former Ready Voting Board in late October to discuss product updates and opportunities for board member institution investment to accelerate product enhancements. The purpose is to evaluate the need/desire to identify major enhancements that might be worth targeting for increased resources in order to accelerate development.

Based on subscriber feedback, we understand you’re interested in enhancing Dependencies functionality, improving reporting, updating the IT section of plans and making it easier to evaluate readiness of the entire institution. If you have other major enhancement suggestions you’d like evaluated, please do reach out. Your voice is important, and we’d like to fairly represent the entire community.


Kuali Ready Admin Webinar, September 15th: We’ll be hosting a webinar for current subscriber admins, ‘Kuali Ready 2015 Migration Demo for Current Subscribers,’ on Sep 15 at 11:15 AM PDT.

Description: This session is designed for current Kuali Ready subscribers who will be migrating content from the old version of Ready into Kuali Ready 2015. We'll do a quick tour of Ready 2015 and then demonstrate the migration functionality. There will be plenty of time for Q&A. The session will be recorded for those who cannot attend.

Please register at: After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

Kuali Days, November 9-13: We’ve had a few questions about Kuali Ready sessions at Kuali Days. We did not receive any Kuali Ready session proposals. Feedback we gathered from subscribers indicated most would not be able to attend Kuali Days because it bumps up against the IAEM conference, which is a priority for many. You are still more than welcome to attend Kuali Days. We’ll be offering some Kuali Ready 101 sessions to cover the basic info about the product. We’re also happy to pull together more sessions to meet your needs if we’ve got a group of folks who’d like to attend. Please let us know as soon as possible, so we can make arrangements.

IAEM University and College Caucus Symposium, November 14th and 15th: Because so many subscribers have shared the importance of this event, we’re working with organizers to identify a sponsorship opportunity. We’re also interested in attending so we can meet and learn from those of you who will be participating. We’ll update you as we finalize things.

Do you have an event that needs sponsorship? We are very interested in sponsoring events that support the interests and professional development activities of our subscribers. Contact if you have event suggestions.

End Notes

Thank you for sharing your stories to help us develop a product that simplifies your work. We’re always open to feedback and suggestions. To submit support requests, please contact

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