Last Friday - A Kuali Ready Admin Newsletter - July 2015

Sent Aug 3, 2015

Last Friday - A Kuali Ready Admin Newsletter

July 2015

Welcome to Last Friday, a Kuali Ready Admin Newsletter. The newsletter will keep you informed of product updates and community news and events.

Community News

If you haven’t had a chance to check out the new Help Portal, please stop by and explore. We’d love your participation in the forums. Here’s a quick tour of the portal site that explains the different sections. We’ve noticed many of you are sharing job postings and professional development opportunities on listservs. You are more than welcome to share this kind of info in the Community Café, as well.

The community of Ready subscribers is growing! This year we’ve welcomed University of Tennessee, Boise State University, Texas A&M Corpus Christi, Cal State – Long Beach, Case Western Reserve University and George Mason University. Our sales team is currently working with about a dozen institutions at various stages of evaluating Ready. Please let us know if you’d be interested in serving as a reference or sharing how you use Ready with prospective subscribers.

Product Updates

We’re delaying rolling out the Ready 2015 migration tool a little longer, but hope to complete it this month. We’re adding another developer so we can work on migration at the same time as other improvements. In particular, we intend to put effort into:

Action items: We didn’t include the Action Items Summary page in Ready 2015, because you can view all the action items in the onscreen plan view. We now realize many people add Action Items directly on that screen, not in the individual plan sections. We’ll add this functionality back and make some improvements at the same time.

List sorting: Lists are sorting alphabetically by default, which doesn’t work for things like Critical Functions and Key People. We’ll get that fixed.

Invite Users: We need to add the ability to invite users who don’t have accounts.

Plan view/PDF: We’re going to make some improvements to the plan view and PDFs based on some feedback we’ve received. Thanks for all your suggestions!

Admin Tips

Here are just a few helpful tips for Ready Admins.

We posted a short slide presentation on the Help Portal. There’s a link to the Google slides below the preview. Feel free to download a copy of the presentation to revise and remix if you think it might help with educating your stakeholders.

There’s a link to a screenshot gallery in the Help Portal. The gallery is hosted on Google drive and we try to keep the images updated. You can download them and use them in your training materials.

Works in Progress

We’ve got a new team member focused on business intelligence and analytics across the Kuali products. We’ll be working on improved solutions for activity logging and reporting. We’ll keep you posted as things progress.

With increased interest in Ready, we’ve decided to add some additional sales and marketing support, which will help the product team focus more on migration and enhancements. We also hope to add a team member focused on product demonstrations.


30 people attended the Kuali Ready 2015 Tour and Subscriber Q&A webinar we hosted on the 17th. If you were unable to attend, you can still catch the recording or view the slides. (Please note we’re now expecting the migration tool in August, instead of July as mentioned in the recording.)

We attended the SCUP 50th Anniversary event July 11-15 in Chicago, IL. While the focus was on strategic planning, the Integrated Planning approach promoted by SCUP seems like a wonderful opportunity to incorporate Continuity Planning. If your leaders have embraced this approach, you might find champions for your Continuity Planning efforts by aligning with their Integrated Planning goals.

Do you have an event that needs sponsorship? We are very interested in sponsoring events that support the interests and professional development activities of our subscribers. Contact if you have event suggestions.

End Notes

We’re always grateful to hear from you. You can submit support requests to

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