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Organize Plans by Division

I think I mentioned this during the product tour you did last month, but I wanted to list it in the suggestions: 

Is there a way you could develop "folders" or some other way to organize plans by division?  For instance, "Administration & Finance" or "Academic Affairs" might have 40 plans under each. 

Instead of having to scroll down through many, many plans, could we have collapsable / expandable lists to organize the plans?  


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Hi Lauren. Your goal is to have a better way to organize and find plans on the plan listing screen, correct? I'm not sure we'll do folders, but we definitely want to improve the way users can interact with that screen. Here's a screenshot of some basic things we've got on our list of enhancements to work on. I'm going to mark this as Planned and I'll update it when we get closer to the actual solution. 

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