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Add Key Resources and Supplies to each Function within a plan

 I like that Key Resources and Supplies can be defined at the top level in the plan, but I really want to be able to see which functions these things are supporting. 

If I know that each unit at my university needs XYZ resoruces to run, that's helpful.  If I know that XYZ function within that unit only needs X resources to run and it's the only function I care about, then I can save resources when allocating them.  I can also avoid saying, sorry you need XYZ resources, and we only have XY, so you're out of luck.

Can we recreate essentially the same data points on a page within each new function we add so we know what each function needs if we deep dive?  Bonus points if you can link the #s somehow to the main plan's #s for the same fields.

Which key resources do you think should be linked to critical functions? Staffing requirements already links the people to functions. Curious which others should be function-based, instead of full department based. 

Equipment and supplies should be broken out by function as well.  If I know a unit needs 30 workstations, but they only have 1 function I care about, I have no idea how many workstations I need to allocate to them to get that 1 function done during a continuity event that constrains resources.

I would either remove the Key Resources >Equipment and Supplies page from the Main department level and have it only in the individual functions within that department,


I would remove any mention of FTE #s, equipment, supplies, etc. from the individual function and break them out by function in the main Key Resources >Equipment and Supplies page.

This way, I can either go to the function and see what they need, or I can go to the top level and see what each function needs all in one place and the users don't have to worry about doubling up the data entry.


I'm going to mark this as Deferred for now. It makes a lot of sense that the info might be different for different functions, and you'd need to prioritize based on level of criticality. I think this is worth having a broader discussion about ways to improve the way plans are organized. It will probably be easier to restructure some things after we've migrated folks from the old app.

I like this suggestion and agree that revisiting how plans are structured after the migration to Ready 2015 is complete is a good idea.

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