Last Friday - A Kuali Ready Admin Newsletter - June 2015

Welcome to Last Friday, a Kuali Ready Admin Newsletter. The newsletter will keep you informed of product updates and community news and events.

Community News

If you haven’t had a chance to check out the new Help Portal, please stop by and explore. We’d love your participation in the forums. Here’s a quick tour of the portal site that explains the different sections.

Product Updates

More than 40 institutions now have access to Ready 2015! If you haven’t requested access, please complete the questionnaire so we can get you set up. Shibboleth setup is pretty simple and several institutions are already up and running with it. Here’s a brief overview of the new product.

We’re finishing up building the migration tool so institutions using the old version will be able to easily transfer all their content to Ready 2015. We’ll begin testing with institutions the first week in July and it should be ready for everyone shortly after that. If you completed the form requesting access and indicated you’d like us to migrate your content, we’ll be reaching out. After we complete the migration tool, our next focus is on designing a way for you to add your institutional logo.

The old version of Ready has several places to add a logo, but institutions have to request support to get that set up or make changes. We’d like you to be able to manage your own logo image. We’ve also reduced the number of screens it takes to get to the Plans screen, so there’s no longer a splash screen. Check out this screencast that explains a few of our design options. Keep an eye out for an email invitation to a webinar in mid July, where you can view design options and share your opinion.

Admin Tips

Here are just a few helpful tips for Ready Admins.

The migration tool will migrate your content from the old system into Ready 2015. If you’ve been playing in the new system and adding content, you’ll have a chance to delete it so you don’t end up with duplicate information.

If you’re using Kuali Ready 2015, check out the new Plan Contacts section in your plans. You can edit it from the link in the left navigation within your plans, as well as view it on-screen and in the plan .pdf.

Works in Progress

We’re taking a look at how the system handles dependencies. We know those relationships are critical to planning success, and we’ve gathered a lot of feedback about how we can improve on the old system. We’ll be reaching out to gather more feedback later this summer.

We’re conducting market research and developing profiles of your peers who might benefit from a Kuali Ready subscription. If you hear from our representatives, feel free to be open about your experiences and needs. All feedback helps us improve!


SCUP 50th Anniversary - July 11-15, Chicago, IL. We’ll be attending this event and sponsoring a ‘Tell me a Story’ board in the commons area. We hope to get the word out about Continuity Planning to leaders who focus on other kinds of institutional planning. If you’ve got folks attending, we’d love to say hi.

End Notes

We’re always grateful to hear from you. You can submit support requests to

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