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Navigation when editing the plan

Because the navigation panel runs so long down the left side of the screen it is likely users will miss the later steps.  I thought it was more user friendly and cleaner to have the steps across the top of the screen so people using the tool could very easily see what had to be done.

It would also be helpful to change the color of the links or add a check next to things that had information/data included.  This would allow individuals to very easily see what information that had already started and what still needed to be addressed. 

Brittany, we've got a few things we'd like to do to address some of this. We'd like to add functionality where you can check off a section when you're done working on it, and it does something to the navigation so it's easy to see what still needs work. I'd also like to look into the possibility of having the major headings in the navigation collapse and expand. We'll have to gather more feedback from users. I know when I'm working on some of the later sections of the plan, it bugs me that I can't see that piece of the navigation. 

One thing that makes it longer, though, is if Admins have it set to use all the optional screens. Institutions that don't use the Teams, Skills and Staffing Requirements, have much shorter navigation. I expect the plan navigation will evolve quite a bit. The main reason it's all there right now, is so everyone migrating can quickly see where everything has moved. It helps reduce the training burden when you can get to everything in the app within 2-3 clicks. 

Thank you for the valuable feedback. I'd love to get a conversation going around this. I've also had suggestions to rearrange the order of sections and to rename sections. :)

As an Admin I have not set the tool to use the optional screens and still find it way too long.  I would not be in favor of rearranging the steps or calling the sections something different.  I actually preferred when they were broken down as steps.  It made it more manageable.  Individuals using the tool felt like they could tackle sections one at a time. 


I hear you. I find it too long, too, especially when I have all the options turned on. We're looking at a few options for collapsing and expanding those sections. And depending on response, we might put the numbers back in. So far the folks who've been entering a lot of plans have quickly adjusted. But it's going to be important for us to gather more feedback as people begin training others. 

We won't be rearranging the sections any time soon, because that would be too much change. But also because people probably won't agree on the order. Our long range goal is to give admins the option of choosing which sections to include, and giving them the ability to rename things. We have another product they're building that into right now and it looks pretty amazing. I'm keeping an eye on the reaction to it. I think if we can add something like that and make it optional, so admins don't have to do anything if they don't want to, the tool would address needs of users with different tech comfort levels. 

I really do appreciate your feedback. Keep it coming. For great suggestions that aren't too complex, it won't take long for us to make changes. 

Brittany, we added collapsible side navigation tonight. I'd love to know what you think. I'm going to mark this complete, because we resolved the issue of the ridiculously long navigation. If you want (or want me) to start a new topic for progress indicators, let me know. I do already have that on our to-do list, though, so it doesn't need a post to get done. 

Thanks Jen.  I think the current format is a step in the right direction.


Thanks for the feedback, Brittany. I agree it's just a step. I'm still struggling because I have to remember to close all the top menus if I'm working on Key Resources. I'm meeting with design on Monday to go over some gorgeous mockups. I'll specifically explain the issues with the plan navigation to make sure the design is compatible with the functionality. And I'll definitely share out any design changes we're considering, so I can get subscriber feedback. 

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