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It would be nice to be able to customize the tool with the institution's logo or shield as well as name.  

We've got an item on our to-do list so your custom name appears in the top left instead of KualiReady. We'll probably get to that in the next week or so. In terms of logo, I'd love to get community conversation going around this. We haven't built that in yet, because we wanted to gather more feedback. We want to make sure to maintain accessibility, so probably won't build in a lot of color customizations. The old system allows for customization on the login screen, but that isn't useful for folks using Shibboleth authentication. I'd love to hear ideas on logo placement!

I am not impressed with the look of the new system.  It feels like it took a step backwards.  It is very basic which to me makes it feel elementary.  Not like a tool our institution pays a fee to use.  I don't find it nearly as clean as what was available before.  Having a logo made our users feel like they were in a tool made for them. 


We appreciate all the feedback, good and bad. We're very open to suggestions for logo placement in the new application. We hope to gather lots of feedback about that from the community. The advantage of moving to more modern technology and development practices, is we can more rapidly implement feature requests and enhancements. 

We've added the customization for the tool name, logo, and color scheme for top navigation. Instructions are available at We'll also be reaching out to subscribers to discuss more design improvements.

We just added our official logo using the tutorial you posted for this - looks good.  A bit small but that can't really be avoided without enlarging the top bar, which we don't want to do.

Good work on adding this functionality.


Thanks. Yeah, it's a touch choice. We know people are used to the bigger top bar, but the smaller one is more modern and gives more screen real estate for the important stuff. We'll probably also look at logo ability for the login page. And we need to do some touch up on the dark and light themes. Thanks for the feedback, and welcome!

Our logo shows up in the top bar on the login page already.  Do you mean adding it somewhere else on the login page?


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