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Department Types Vs Major Divisions

 I'm having trouble differentiating between these two "Required Configuration" items.  Major Divisions has pretty clear guidance, but Department Types does not and they seem to be quite similar.  Also, despite being "required" to create a plan, I have no items listed as Department Type, and yet I was able to create a plan.  The other settings in Required Configurations all have at least one item in them, but not Department Types, so I'm wondering if it really is required.

If so, what is its intended use?  How have others used this setting?

That's a really good question. I think we put it under Required, not because you can't create a plan, but because users might get confused at that point in the plan if there's nothing there for them to select. It's meant to be another way to categorize things for reporting purposes, but I'm not seeing right now where it's included in reports. I'll dig a little. 

One thing that's different between Major Divisions and Department Type is that you can only have one Major Division, but multiple department types. Major Division is supposed to be the highest level division the department falls under. With Department Type, you can address departments that cover multiple types. For example, the Biology Department, might be an Instruction type and a Research type. But you could also be creative and put things in there like Satellite Campus, Interdisciplinary, International, Grant-funded, Seasonal.

We have broken our department types into the following categories:



Administrative - Instructional Support

Student Services

Information Technology


Perhaps this helps?

We have some of the same department types. Since we can select more than one type, we elected to keep our types non-specific. For example. we kept instructional and administrative separate. If this applies to the department/person creating the plan then they would just select both types.

Here is what we have:



Computers and Technology

Customer Service

Human Resources



Public Safety



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