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Better Email Communication Options

Originally submitted by Matthew Shpiner on former site 4/16/2015 with one vote:

Currently you only have the ability to email all users that are entered. It would be helpful to be able to email users based on a number of categories such as: 
- Plan Status 
- Acronym 
- Report Card Status (if this capability is added)

It would also be helpful to be able to look at each user and see exactly which plans they had access to.

Comment from Jen 4/16/15:

Right now the system only has the auto-generated messages, correct? I know you can pull a report of email addresses, but there isn't a way in the system to send a custom email to everyone, is there? I thought I'd explored everything :)

I think after we get the new system up to parity with the old version, it will be worth exploring the messaging functionality. It does sound like it might be useful to include email addresses on the plan status report. It lists the gatekeeper name, but not contact info.

I'm marking this as Deferred. There are some great thoughts here, but there are also dependencies on other things. We're keeping this in mind, though as we tweak the messaging in the new system. I'd love to hear more thoughts about this, and I'll keep you posted if we get closer to implementing it.

I would also like to see a messaging system based on status and date.  For instance, I would like to be able to send an email to groups of users who are nearing their one year review cycle so that I can invite them to training sessions.  Right now, (I am in the new version), I am having to keep a separate spreadsheet of the users and their due dates to do this.  Am I overlooking something?


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