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Administrator Sign-Off on Plans

Originally submitted by Matthew Shpiner on former site 3/31/2015 with one vote.

Create the ability for administrators to sign-off on plans after they have completed a review. This will allow for a digital check and balance and validates that plan has met a baseline standard.

Comment by Jen 5/12/15:

In the new version, we've changed plan sign-off and annual review to make it more flexible. You'll now be able to update plan status by toggling between Completed and In-Review. With each status update, you can put the name and role of the person updating as well as a comment.

1 Comment

It would be great if the moderator/administrator would receive an email when a plan status changed (ie: from completed to in review and from in review to completed.)  This would alert the information security team that they need to review the signed off plan for compliance purposes.  I would assume that not all administrators would want to receive these emails, so maybe there could be  a way for individual admins turn them on or off.


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