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Module to Allow Administrators to Evaluate and Provide Feedback on Plans

Submitted by Matthew Shpiner 3/30/2015 with one vote:


We are finishing an annual review of all the continuity plans we have in the system and developed a one page PDF “Progress Report” one each plan and this was subsequently sent to the plan gatekeeper and users. It would be helpful for us as admin to be able to evaluate all plans from a module within the system. This area should only be accessible by administrators and designees and would optimally at a minimum the capabilities described below:

• Ability to evaluate each section and provide a numerical score or grade and specific comments on areas for future enhancements 
• Overall score or grade for the plan 
• Overall comments 
• Mechanism for easy distribution of the progress report to plan users 
• Automatic reminder to plan gatekeepers who have a plan that has not met a minimum threshold as determined by the administrator

Comment by Anonymous 4/7/15:

During my plan review, I print out the plan in the PDF and mark all that is incomplete or answered in a weird way. I scan the pages in that need revision and then email it back to the data input person with a deadline to fix the problems. The second review, I will go on line and look for only the points that I needed correcting or filled in. Then they have the plan signed off and share with the department. Is there a way to simplify the process? 
I am not sure I like the grade or score of a plan. I just want them to fill it in with good and achieveable actions.

Comment by Jen 4/16/2015:

I think we definitely need to make improvements to the review process. I've been gathering feedback about it. The first step might be to add a new status for 'Needs Revisions' and the ability to add comments with any status update.

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I'm marking this as Deferred. We've made the first step toward this with the revisions to the plan status update functionality. You could technically put whatever you want in the comments, including a grade, but there aren't automated notifications or reminders in there yet. Keep the conversation flowing!

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