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Update Contact Info in Multiple Locations at Once

Originally submitted by Jerica on the former site 2/3/15 with 4 votes.

When you remove a member of the plan or an employee/staff/faculty it doesn't automatically update every tab or every place their name comes up. This should be a one time removal or update, rather than having to delete their information under every tab that that includes their name. For example, after I remove an employee from the Home tab then I have to also remove them from Key Resource Tab - Work from Home, Teams, Skills, Staffing Req., Document Summary, and Action Items. When someone is removed it should remove them or prompt you if you would like to change that responsibility to another staff member.

Comments from Matthew Hart 3/9/15:

One solution is to use position titles instead of names, which I know many institutions do.

Beyond that, the continuity plan should still be useful in documenting coping strategies even if someone has left the department after the most recent annual review.

The programming challenge also concern me.

Are Matthew Hart, Matt, and Specialist Hart all the same? How do we implement this universal find-and-replace?

The only way I can imagine this being implemented is for the plan owner to build a faculty and staff directory with names and positions. On each page of the planning tool, a drop down box allows you to insert a name placeholder (i.e. drop down and find "Matthew Hart", the tool inserts <<mhart>> or <<2814>>). This variable is then replaced by the name and title when viewing the printable version of the plan.

My take? Not only would that require significant resources (programming time), it would take significant time to set up (directory) learn how to use the feature (<<>> variable insertion). Ultimately, I don't think it is in the spirit of Ready's simplicity.

Comment from Jen 3/10/15:

@Matthew I think this one and the org chart and call tree functions have similar solutions. Merging existing data from free text fields would be complex. But there might be a way to incorporate basic contact management. That way you only enter people once, and when you update their basic info in one place, it updates all over. That would set the stage for the ability to make simple org charts and call trees.

I'm definitely focused on 'simple.' But that focus is on simplifying things for you all. There will probably be a few places where we'll need to do complex things on our side that will end up streamlining things for subscribers.

Comment from Jen 4/20/15:

I just wanted to update this while it's on my mind. Since we're working on the migration tool, I've got a spreadsheet with all the tables and fields identified. I went through and highlighted every field that might potentially have 'person' information. I also looked at data to see how people are using the fields. It's pretty inconsistent, but a great way to see how institutions adapt to meet their needs.

Based on what I'm seeing in the system, I don't think it would be wise to merge fields prior to migration. One of the things we might want to have the community review is how some places ask for first and last name, others just have a text box where some put name, but might just put title. And some of the 'person' fields within plans directly reference UserID.

I'd really love to see consistency across the fields, with more flexibility. It would be great if you could choose to select someone from a contact database, or just enter free text. I'll keep gathering feedback and studying use before we make changes. Thanks for all your suggestions!

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I'm marking this as Deferred. This is a hugely important to me, but it's going to take more time to evaluate and come up with a solution that will work for everyone. I won't forget it, though!

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