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Add Unit Organization Chart to Key Resources tab

Originally submitted by Lauren on the former site 1/14/15 with 4 votes.

It may be helpful for some units to upload or design their organizational chart to better show the leadership / management of the unit, while also accounting for all the positions and program responsibilities.

Comment by Matthew Hart 3/9/15:

I like this idea. It would be a quick way of visually showing what the department does and who does what, and would likely live in the Department Information section of the tool.

The only concern I have is how we could implement it.

1) If it were a document upload, I'm not sure how it could be inserted into the printable plan unless the upload specified dimensions and filetype -- which would mean that it takes some work to produce a conforming org chart.

2) The other option would be to build a module for creating an org chart within the tool -- but this would likely require significant programming hours for little added benefit.

Maybe Jen or Joel could chime in with their more technical knowledge.

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