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Option to Delete Action Items and Suppress Archived Items on Printed Plan

Originally submitted anonymously on the former site 2/2/2105, with 4 votes:

Action items are a problem when you cannot edit them because you made a mistake. It would be great if they can be deleted. I am going to provide an example. A unit was creating their BCP and they had 25 action items. Well at least half of them they did not have the resources to accomplish the task and they would never get the resources anyway. The resources would come from another unit. The administration of this plan did not like seeing their errors each time they printed the plan even if they were archived. So I had to rewrite the entire plan and take out the action items that were mistakes.

Comment from Matthew Hart 3/9/2015:

I think our end goal should be a much more dynamic editing method throughout Ready -- we should be able to edit content inline, rather than opening a separate page (as is the case for many other sections of the tool).

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This would be wonderful if it could be completed.  The issues that our campus was having is that archived items were showing up on a printed plan.  And if individuals made a mistake on an action item, once it was saved, there was no way to edit the action item, or delete it for that matter.  The only option would be to make a note in the comment section and archive the item.  However, when printing out the plan, you would run into the issue of all archived items printing.  I hope this will be fixed.

We definitely want to fix this. I think the other issue with action items that carried over from the old system, is that the reports don't show the associated critical functions for Instruction and IT action items. We probably need to redesign this, but can take gradual steps. We'll be focusing on building the migration tool for the next few weeks, so this will probably have to wait a bit.

We expect to have a solution for this in this weekend. Stay tuned!

We've updated the functionality here. You can archive and unarchive Action Items and the archived items will not display on the plan view screen or on PDFs. It's not a full delete, but it does get the archived items off plans. We'll spend more time with admins discussing the delete function. It seems most would like to keep a record and not allow users to delete. Some would like the ability for admins to delete action items. Others have mentioned they do things like have users overwrite the item content with 'mistake' so people are aware when accidental action items are added.

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