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Add a Call Tree to the Key Resources tab

Originally Submitted by Lauren on the former site 1/14/2015, with 5 votes when we converted over:

One thing that a continuity plan needs is a contact list for all employees within that unit (including office number, cellphones, home phone, and in some cases addresses).  I would add this call tree under the Step 5: Key Resources, and either under Staff Basics or Work from Home.  I understand that personnel changes over and numbers change, but the plan is supposed to be updated at least annually, so these numbers can be updated at that time. 

In addition to the call tree, a communication plan for how and when to communicate with employees would be ideal. What information should employees expect to hear and what information should be obtained from employees? Accountability as well as instructions as to what could and should be done will help keep lines of communication open.

Comments from Matthew Hart 3/9/15:

I like this idea! I'd suggest that, if implemented, this be treated similar to, and maybe combined with, the existing question re: unit contact list (i.e. "Does the unit maintain a contact list for faculty and staff?" becomes "Does the unit maintain a contact list/call tree for faculty and staff?") Generally, folks are not good at keeping documents current within Kuali. I think we'd do better if we ask if a call tree is maintained, and where it can be found. Every unit has different method -- some on the manager's desk, some on the shared drive, some in the cloud -- and very few regularly logging into Kuali whenever it is updated. For those that wish to upload the contact list or call tree, the document upload page still works -- we could point them there from the Guidance column.

Lauren, I LOVE your comment about a communications plan. I think that's more critical than a contact list or call tree. This may be something we want to hash out in greater detail.

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